Gloria Steinem

Hi. My name is Karolina, I am a freelance graphic designer based in a beautiful seaside city – in Gdańsk. We didn’t get to know each other in person, but I really think we should.

Please make yourself comfortable!


I am a professional creative designer who has been creating graphics for 9 years. My experience in advertising agencies, corporations and printing houses has allowed me to improve my skills in services that I can provide for you. Everything I learned led us here – to the Karolina Wieteska Creative Studio.

Building good and friendly relationships with clients is something I’m proud of. Working with me means you get commitment, dedication and professional design service. One of the many advantages of hiring a freelancer is that you work with one person who fully knows your needs and current affairs.

Cooperation with me is possible from every corner of the world. Together, we set the preferred form and hours of contact. Thanks to such solutions, I have clients from various countries – the distance is not a problem for me! My range of services went all the way to New Zealand!


I graduated from engineering studies in the field of Computer Science, with a specialization in Computer Systems and Networks, but graphics have always been in my head and I knew that I would deal with it professionally.

I am a very creative and patient person – experience in a call center can give you a hard time, but also teach you many important character traits! I love collaborating and talking to people, although I need peace and music when working on projects.

I am an individualist and a dreamer by nature, able to see the outline of a cat in the clouds! I love learning about new things and inquiring about information about them.

Apart from working hours, I also draw and read a lot. I am also – unusually for a woman – a motorization fanatic (especially my own). Additionally – a fan of animals, good movies and a (addicted?) Player in Counter-Strike: GO.

I don’t like coffee.

The creative studio Karolina Wieteska has been operating since 2018 and has its headquarters in Gdańsk, Poland. I’m a legal company that issues VAT invoices.

NIP: 8341876826
REGON: 381260190