The brand, image and recognition of the company is primarily a logo that perfectly describes the nature and profile of the business. In combination with consistent colors, typeface and graphic elements, you gain visual professionalism and credibility, which translates into familiarization of the potential customer with the offer.

Branding and marketing are very closely related, so marketing should be taken into account when creating a brand.


Image consistency is a must have for every company – business cards matched to the logo, letterhead or even a mug make the brand more expressive and visually professional.

Thanks to this, your brand will also be easier to remember and associated with your characteristic pattern or color!


You already have a logo, probably also full identification, but you feel that it is not very professional in relation to the products you offer? This service is for you. It’s never too late to change for the better.

I will allow you to rediscover the secret of your brand by refreshing branding, and perhaps changing it 180 degrees!


Your company is unique. You need to show your current and future customers what makes you stand out from the competition and encourage them to cooperate with you.

Great design makes your marketing materials clearer and more eye-catching. It can be used to clarify complex information and turn potential customers into your satisfied customers.


Clients love to have everything in one place, neatly sorted, organized and transparent. It is worth taking care of a catalog that meets the recipient’s requirements. A clear, aesthetic catalog will allow you to get acquainted with the offer and products precisely, thanks to which both the customer and you will gain time.

In addition, having a graphically tasteful catalog, the client will more readily reach for it, which increases the chance for cooperation!


A website in today’s digital age is one of the “must have” brands. It is the best form of a company’s business card that contains the most important information for the client. A place where there are no restrictions.

I will help you create your own corner on the Internet, using CMS WordPress, so that you have full control over your website and its content!


Images that you put on your website, shop or other portals, such as Allegro, encourage potential customers to get to know your offer. Don’t miss this very important step!

Removing dirt, camera errors, improving the contrast and colors of the photo, as well as removing unwanted backgrounds – this is a job just for me.